Saturday, February 26, 2011

The tax you should be paying -

Hmm. Wonder what a Tea Partier would think of this. I estimate my "use tax" and send it in to the state of Michigan in our yearly returns. But how many people do not? How many people request the same level of governmental service for nothing? That's the big problem with any Tea Party argument. You can't get something for nothing...

The tax you should be paying -

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  1. This is an issue where you and I diverge. I will never pay a use tax to the state in which I live.

    When I make a purchase from a website, I do so because I find that retailer to be the best provider of that item or service that I'm purchasing.

    To that end, if I make a purchase from Amazon, I'm making a purchase from a business based in Washington state, not the state in which I reside. The state in which I reside has nothing to do with the transaction. As such, if I should pay a sales tax on that transaction, it should be to Washington (where Amazon impacts the states infrastructure)not the state in which I live (which, for now, is not Washington). I laugh, put in zero and don't feel the least bit guilty about it.