Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Five Democratic State Senators In Missouri Threatened With Sniper Crosshairs On Their Office Doors | Addicting Info

This is absolutely disgusting. The extreme right is using crosshairs again and posted images of such on their office doors. With Representative Gabrielle Giffords resigning today because of her wounds from a gunshot a year ago, why are these crazies allowed to perpetrate the hate? This is TERRORISM from the right! Whoever is responsible should be treated as terrorists and get the maximum penalty. Along with the Democrat in Arkansas, who had his cat killed - these acts are deplorable. There should be NO VIOLENCE towards liberals just because they have a difference of opinion from your ultra-conservatism that hates everything from equal rights, equal taxation, quality education, health care for all, religious freedom, art and freedom of press. Ultra-conservatives ARE DISGUSTING!

Five Democratic State Senators In Missouri Threatened With Sniper Crosshairs On Their Office Doors | Addicting Info:

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Confessions of a Tea Party Casualty | Mother Jones

And this is why I disagree with the Tea Party so much. Obama is not a socialist. Yes,he may be liberal like me. But am I a socialist? No. I am a liberal. I am a progressive who knows how to lead the country FORWARD and not go backwards like the Tea Party conservatives want to. I know I call the Tea Party names. It's a direct response to them calling us names. It doesn't make it right but liberals have attacked for years and I am fed up!

Confessions of a Tea Party Casualty | Mother Jones:

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Jon Huntsman's Values - YouTube

This is absolutely disgusting and the filth the Tea Party perpetrates. I as an adoptive parent find this ad inexcusable. And whoever created it is bigoted and racist...

Jon Huntsman's Values - YouTube:

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Paul Begala on the GOP’s Suicidal Tendency - The Daily Beast

The lunatics are taking over the asylum. The best quote for the article. If you don't think the Tea Party has hijacked the Republican party, then read this. Tell me what you think. I think this is spot on...

Paul Begala on the GOP’s Suicidal Tendency - The Daily Beast:

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The two sided American foreign policy problem

If you understand the Middle East, this story featured on NPR this morning should concern you. Here we have a public uprising well before Tunisia. A public uprising in Bahrain that was squelched by the ruling Al Khalifa family. The power that was supported by American foreign policy. See, the United States only cares about freedom and democracy if it's interests are not compromised. And there is a HUGE U.S. navel base in Bahrain. Sound like a double standard? Well, yes it does. And if you've followed American foreign policy in the Middle East for the last 60 years, you'll understand why anyone would bomb the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on February 26, 1993 or September 11, 2001. We supported an oppressive Shah in Iran. We supported Saddam Hussein in the Iraq-Iran war. And it's that double standard that impacts Americans years or decades later. We can't let this double standard continue. More Americans will die because of this. Not to mention the Bahrain citizens that died from this oppression that the U.S. just allowed to continue for the cheep price of oil or the fact that there is a navel base there...

Bahrain: The Revolution That Wasn't : NPR:

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