Friday, November 5, 2010


Hello all-

Welcome to our new political commentary island of refuge on the web. With the deluge of ramblings of the recent midterm elections and the so-called new majority of those somewhat right of center ideologies; I wish to create a forum for progressive thought. This is a rebuttal to the recent trends in national politics and some of the regional happenings. Some of which I am not happy about...

For instance, I live here in Michigan. A state that has just elected a Republican state house and senate. It has elected a Republican governor. (He may turn out to be moderate, but I'm just not sure yet.) And on top of this, elected a conservative supreme court (now it's a 4-3 margin). These things scare me. This blog will bring together like minded progressive thought and maybe, just maybe someday get big enough to change public policy...

Enjoy the ride!


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