Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tea party groups have wide range of goals for new champions in Congress

A couple of things from this article.

1. Exactly. "Funding should be cut unless it affects me." Hmm. I don't think it works that way.

Here is the quote: "Toby Marie Walker, a leader of the Waco Tea Party, has applauded the use of federal stimulus money to expand the Interstate 35 bridge in the busy central Texas corridor and wants to see the federal government finish the job. Cut spending elsewhere, she said."

2. Um as I seem to recall, it was DEREGULATION that caused the housing crisis. And well Detroit, um I hate to say this but Chrysler was bad. GM not much better. Both were mismanaged companies. I live here in Detroit and know...

Quote # 2: Julles Rodgers, a member of the Nebraska Tea Party, takes a harder line.

"Taxes, taxes, taxes. Lord, the tax burden we have is out of this world!" said Rodgers, owner of the Liberty Inn motel in Aurora, Neb. "They are killing the economy with the rules and regulations. It's the government telling Detroit how to make cars that made Detroit go belly-up. It's the government telling the mortgage companies how to make loans that caused the housing crisis."

3. Bring on a third party. I've been wishing for this all along!

Quote # 3: Looking ahead, newly elected Republicans will have two years to prove their tea party mettle, said Rodgers, the Nebraska activist.
"If these guys don't deliver on their promises, then I expect by 2012 a third party could emerge," she said. "For Republicans . . . it's their last shot. They better perform."

Tea party groups have wide range of goals for new champions in Congress

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