Monday, July 30, 2012

What is Mitt the Twit hiding?

Why is Mitt Romney instant on only releasing a couple years of tax returns? What is Mitt the Twit hiding? Are you ready for this? Because if you are, it would make all of us tax paying citizens angry! Check out a theory here.  Chris Kelly posted on the Huffington Post back in January what Mitt may be hiding. Mr. Daniel Cormartie and myself were talking about this yesterday evening!

In 2008, he did not pay a 35% tax rate. No. He did not pay a 15% tax rate. No. Mitt Romney paid NO taxes in 2008. Buy spending $45 million in his unsuccessful presidential elections campaign by liquidating his rapidly declining stocks of 2008 (as a political contribution). So in theory, he was at a loss for income in 2008. (Even though he is a multi-millionaire, no income, no taxes.) It's a good theory. And if this bombshell is let out (I sure hope it does). It would make you and I agree to be angry that such a multi-millionaire can skip taxes for a year. And I sure hope it sinks his bid to be president.

Mitt the Twit...

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