Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I voted today...

Yes, I have voted today in Michigan's Republican primary tonight. But, unlike the robo calls, I could not select that religious nutball Rick Santorum. I know Obama has very good chance at beating Santorum in November but he is a nut case. A crazy Tea Party endorsed religious zealot that I could not stomach. I did not vote for Mitt Romney either. I mean, he is so far removed from Michigan (in his "let Detroit go bankrupt" quote) that he is NOT a Michigander anymore. I do not believe in Ron Paul or New Gingrich. So, I voted for Jon Huntsman and my conscience is clear. He was the only respectable candidate the field of nut cases. I'm sorry he dropped out of the race and it's a testament to how the Tea Party had raped the Republican party. So, if you see a vote from precinct 5 of Superior Township in Washtenaw County for Jon Huntsman, that is me!

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  1. Here are the results from my precinct... http://electionresults.ewashtenaw.org/feb2012/precinctreport137.html