Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gov. Perry Cut Funds For Women's Health In Texas : NPR

Okay. How can anyone take this guy seriously. For all you tea party shitheads out there, I'll explain it to you simply. Texas has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation. Only 48% of your public have private heath insurance. You spend more on teen pregnancy then any other state. Issue 1: How is that abstinence policy working out? You then cut $8.4 million to family planning clinics. That provide all sorts of procedures to ensure a healthy childbirth if that's what the women decide. And you move that money to conservative Crisis Pregnancy Centers which have no licensed medical staff. Provided no prenatal care. Issue 2: And how will sending millions of kids into wellfare help the state budget? It just doesn't make sense. We have to fight FIGHT to make sure this guy is never elected as President of the United States. This is a prime example of how he's doomed Texas (frankly we could loose Texas and I wouldn't care). He will DOOM the nation.

Gov. Perry Cut Funds For Women's Health In Texas : NPR:

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