Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's a Republic stupid...

This quote absolutely disgusts me. We have a republic style of government. That means there are check and balances AND THE RIGHTS OF THE MINORITY are still protected when a majority votes. Idiot! Where did you learn your civic government? In the stellar Arizona state education system?

"Republican state Rep. John Kavanagh helped pass many of those laws. He says the Legislature is doing what it thinks is right. "We pass laws based upon what we believe the people of Arizona want," he says.

Kavanagh says the effort to split the state is just Democratic sour grapes.

"Democracy can be a real pain, especially when you're in the minority position," he says. "But that's the way it goes; majority rules.""

Ugh. It's a republic stupid. It's not a pure democracy. It never has been...

Taken from the NPR article "A 51st State? Some in Arizona Want a Split"

Arizona state Representative John Kavanagh fails his civic lesson. That is why your vote on immigration law in Arizona is going to the Supreme Court and why it was placed on hold. The majority does not rule when stupid laws are passed...

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